Moschopolis 18 red ,Mavrotragano
Moschopolis 18 red dry - Mavrotragano - Syrah ,Monopigado Region
Moschopolis 18 red dry - Mavrotragano - Syrah ,Monopigado Region

Moschopolis 18 red dry - Mavrotragano - Syrah ,Monopigado Region

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Moschopolis 18 , red dry - Mavrotragano - Syrah ,Alc. 15% ,Monopigado Region,Thessaloniki ,Moschopolis Winery.

18 months of aging in  second and third use oak  barrels. From the family owned nonirrigated  

vineyard at an altitude of  500m.  

Moschόpolis 18  :  4400 BOTTLES

The Moschópolis 18 red wine consists of the Greek grape variety of the Aegean Sea Mavrotragano (50%)  and the world-famous Syrah (50%) variety. It is produced with grapes from our privately owned non  irrigated vineyards with limited production.. The wine, after fermenting with the spontaneous yeast from  the vine, ages for 18 months in used oak barrels that come from their use in the white and the rosé wine of  the Moschopolis series. It is bottled unfiltered to maintain all its quality characteristics. 

It presents intense aromas of small red fruits, mainly small berries, cherry and plum. Dried fig, nuts and  caramel are followed by a sweet sensation of fresh violets coming from the background. After a while in  the glass, black chocolate, coffee, spices, chestnut and tobacco from the barrel make their presence well felt.

Dry cultivation vineyard on the slopes of a hilly area, overlooking the Aegean Sea and the mythical  mountain of Olympus. At 500 meters above sea level, the soils are dating back to the Cretaceous  geological period, full of schist stones, marble and graphite. The complexity of the soil is reflected in the  complexity of the wine. The annual yield does not surpass 5 tons per hectare.


91 points for Vintage 2016                               Distinction by Wein-Plus for vintage 2017