Græsk Vin Historie


 Greek wine was mostly retsina wine ,and   wine from local grapes, such as Agiorghitiko, Mandilaria, Moschophilero, Liatiko, and Mavrodaphne, but today you see wines in international style quite frequently on grapes such as Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Progress has been made extremely rapidly. In the early 1990s it was the large cooperatives and companies that led the way in the development towards better quality, but today they have been overtaken inside by a young generation of educated oenologists who have created really large and exciting wines, especially inspired by Bordeaux. The pressure of young oenologists has forced the large companies to increase the quality further, and today Greek wines are fully on par with wines from other wine nations.


On the white wine side, the best Greek white wine is created on the local grape Assyrtiko, which, even in very hot conditions, provides refreshing wines with a crunchy acidity. In addition to Assyrtiko and Chardonnay, Greece also offers excellent white wines for varieties such as Robola (Ribolla), Rhoditis and the flower-scented Malagousia.

Looking at the red wines, the quality has grown considerably for wines that can go up to international level. Especially Agiorghitiko can provide great wines with soft fruit and good filling.

Wine-wise, the most important areas of today's Greece are Peloponnese, Pátras, Nemea, Crete and Samos.