SNOB. sparkling rose Limniona Monsieur Nicolas Winery
SNOB. sparkling rose dry Limniona Monsieur Nicolas Winery.

SNOB. sparkling rose dry Limniona Monsieur Nicolas Winery.

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"Snob." sparkling rose dry Limniona Alc.Vol 11% Region Plastiras Lake, altitude 700 m ,Karditza Central Greece  Monsieur Nicolas Winery.

A pink that captures the eye, bubbles that tickle the nose, and a flavour unforgettably imprinted in memory. The elitism of wine-tasting is deconstructed with finesse and humour through a game of eclectic taste and refined aesthetics that could ultimately turn all those who try it into a Snob! Hiding in a glass of rosé sparkling wine, those delightful experiences of well-being may well raise our standards and brighten our lives. Unique varieties, fine aromas and unforgettable hues and textures are there to spoil us and turn us into “snobbish” wine connoisseurs.

Color & Scent :Red fresh forest fruits, strawberries and stone cherries play games with the senses. A hint of vanilla and delicious toast leaves a suspicion that something unique is going on here. Its transparent pink shade captures the eye like a fine female figure passing by leaving its aroma in the air... The balanced acidity combined with natural sugars will bring smiles to those who see beauty in the details.

PINK BUBBLES THAT FLOAT IN LIGHTNESS AND ELITISM  The grapes cultivated in the Karamitros family vineyards, at an altitude of 700 m and a stone’s throw from prolific Plastiras Lake, are harvested early in September and give a juice that is rich in acids and has a low pH to serve as the base wine. The best part of the juice is used to create Snob.: only the first 30%-35% that runs freely, without any pressure at all. The marc, which gives the wine its colour, is quickly removed to obtain a light pink hue, an elegant colour that befits the precious Limnionas juice. After the first fermentation, it is left for 3 months on the fine lees in the tank to develop body and volume. This process brings out the delicate character and unique aromas of the variety. During the second fermentation, chemistry plays its decisive role in creating the magical bubbles that make the wine sparkling and exciting.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: With a voluptuous character, it allows for numerous combinations, depending on the mood. Try it as an aperitif, in cocktails or paired with cold cuts or fruit, pasta or seafood. Temptation verges on scandal when simply combined with a few scrumptious chocolates.

SERVING TEMPERATURE: Serve at 8-10 °C in a low or tall Champagne glass.