Retsina, Sparkling,Methode Traditionnelle,Nikolou winery.
Retsina Botanic Brut Sparkling -Savatiano , Methode Traditionnelle,Attika Region

Retsina Botanic Brut Sparkling -Savatiano , Methode Traditionnelle,Attika Region

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Botanic , Retsina Brut Sparkling , Savatiano 100%, Traditionnelle ,Appellation by Tradition white dry , Alc.12.5% , Attika Region,Nikolou Winery

Variety: Savatiano 100%.

Organoleptic characteristics: Lemon yellow colour with fine persistent bubbles – pine aromas and masticha –full-bodied taste- botanical aromas with a long aftertaste.

Winemaking: Early grape harvest of Savatiano variety is used to produce a wine with high acidity and low pH. For the base wine, we used free-run must that represents only the 30% of the grapes. Static settling at 10 ℃ and controlled fermentation at 17 ℃.

After the clarification of the wine, a secondary fermentation inside the bottle with the traditional method of producing champagne follows. The sparkling wine is aged for 6 months in bottles (sur lies fines).

An excellent choice for charcoal grilled fish. For example, trout or hake accompanied by thin type lightning-grilled squash flipped with lemon, capers and anchovies, dishes rich in olive oil in the oven or in the casserole, fried or grilled meats, spit, smelts,  and feta with olive oil and oregano.

Enjoy it at 8 ℃.