Moschopolis 6 white dry Assyrtiko Xinomavro Moschopolis winery.
Moschopolis 6 white dry Assyrtiko Xinomavro Moschopolis winery.

Moschopolis 6 white dry Assyrtiko Xinomavro Moschopolis winery.

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Moschopolis 6  white dry Assyrtiko 90%  Xinomavro 10% Alc.13.5% Monopigado Region Thessaloniki Moschopolis Winery.

6 are the months of aging with the fine lees in new oak barrels of light  toasting. Fermentation  with indigenous yeasts.  Unfiltered

The white wine Moschópolis 6 consists of two of the most famous Greek varieties. Assyrtiko 90% of the  Aegean islands and Xinomavro 10% with is the famous grape of Northern Greece. The wine, after  fermenting with the wild yeast from the vine, matures for 6 months in new and second use oak barrels along with the fine wine lees. It is bottled unfiltered to maintain all its features. 

It presents high-intensity aromas of citrus, melon, pear and lemon-flower flavors. Honey and smoke in the  background express the very distinctive barrel. After the first year of aging, particular benzoic aromas and  a sense of minerality will appear. The maturation period in the barrels and the fine lees give the wine a  considerable volume and enrich it with an oily texture. Delicately dry in the palate with refreshing acidity,  while white-flesh fruits, such as melon peach and pear have the primary role, followed by citrus. The very  long aftertaste leaves a delicate fruity feeling.

Non-irrigated vineyard with soils that are dominated by limestone and schist, in a coastal area, with a  southern orientation and maximum exposure to the Aegean sun. An innovative vine support system is  applied, hanging grapes 1.8m above the ground and under the permanent cover of the foliage, with  maximum ventilation. Pruning is done with double loose tendril and small interventions are made, when  needed, in order to have the required yield of 5 tons per hectare.

 Decanter Commended for vintage 2017

Wein- Plus Favorite Wine by Wein-Plus for vintage 2017

Mundus Vini Gold medal and Best of Show wine from Greece for vintage 2018

Berliner Wein Trophy Gold medal for vintage 2016