Assyrtiko ,Enalia Santorini,Gavalas
Assyrtiko ,Enalia Santorini 2018 white dry -Gavalas winery, Santorini Island

Assyrtiko ,Enalia Santorini 2018 white dry -Gavalas winery, Santorini Island

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Enalia Santorini 2018 -Assyrtiko 100% ,Dry White Wine , Alc. Vol. 14 % -Protected Designation of Origin Santorini Island,Cyklades ,Gavalas winery.

PDO Santorini, Megalochori Santorini, Cyclades

More than the average lemon.
Purity levels hit the tip of the nose.
Blowing mineral rivers with emery and silicate sparkles, are easily poured into the dense citrus fruit, framed by gooseberry and sour apple. A floral blend of complex orchards, it finds strong contrast from the spicy botanical element, while they are always subject to spices with an equally spicy mood, in an environment of dough and yeast.

A complex of refined intensity, uncut minerals, bottomless salt and sour-sweet wine rhapsody, hits the palate uninterruptedly. It is about the ballast, wealth and wisdom, the interest force of time. The fruit flows effortlessly, intrusively and thoroughly, with the cooperating high acidity being embedded in sheets of dough and not shaking, as would perhaps be the case if the three-year protein osmosis in the sheet metal and in the basement was absent. Euphoric pleasure that encompasses all the individual elements analyzed floods the mildly full volume, in order to conquer you an upper step of taste memory.

Only long, underground phenolic, shockingly mineral and salty aftertaste, where without fear and passion, we become partakers of the past centuries.

The simplicity of such a label undermines the unrealistic quality of such a creation.

Combinations :

Lamb neck with sweets, in yogurt and egg crust, with garlic and basil salt and potatoes in the hull, goat shoulder with Cretan sourdough and citrus zest with chive, as well as everything from pork, lamb, goat.
Look for seasonal parrots, scallops and oysters in fish ponds, as well as the legendary for this class of wine, over one and a half kilos of sea bass, built in salt.