Commandaria Gold Knight Karseras winery Cyprus
Commandaria  Gold Knight 375ml Karseras winery Cyprus island.

Commandaria Gold Knight 375ml Karseras winery Cyprus island.

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Commandaria Gold Knight 375ml Edition Xynisteri Mavro  Alc.Vol 13% Karseras winery   Region Limassol Cyprus island .

Commandaria Gold Knight is a 375ml bottle of Cyprus Island's Karseras winery. This world-renowned sweet fortified wine is produced from sun-dried indigenous Xynisteri and Mavro grapes, resulting in a unique complex flavor and smooth finish. With 500 years of tradition, Commandaria is an excellent choice for any occasion.

Vineyard Characheristics

Location:Limassol Commandaria area (14 villages)
Elevation: 500 meters
Soil Type:Volcanic soil
Age Of Wines: Matured & aged in barrels for 3 years minimum

Tasting Notes 

Dark color with mahogany reflections evokes the ocher rocks of the South. 
A warm sensation that we find on the nose, mixed with nuts, figs, glazed chestnut accompanied by a touch of lovage. In the mouth, we start with caramel, coffee, caramelized apple. The sweetness is very important, but there is still enough acidity to find a good balance.