Château 2012 red dry Organic porto carras winery
Château 2012 red dry Organic Domaine Porto Carras.

Château 2012 red dry Organic Domaine Porto Carras.

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Château 2012 red dry Organic Cabernet Sauv. Cabernet Franc Limnio Merlot. Alc. 13.5 % Chalkidiki Region,Macedonia,Domaine Porto Carras

Type:Red Dry, P.D.Ο.  ( Protect Destination of Origin )

Meliton Slopes Varietal Composition: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Limnio, Merlot. 

Organoleptic Analysis: Rich deep purple color. Complex aromas dominated by black berried fruits and cedar. Delicate, smoky, with structure and balance. Excellent quality, rich and long velvety finish. This wine has the potential for long aging.

Altitude:150 - 300 m.

Soil:Sandy clay.Yield:6.000 kg/ha.

Method of Production:Classic vinification process for red wines in controlled temperatures. Aging in French oak barrels for 24 months and then in bottles for 1 year in our cellar

To Accompany: Hunt meat, red meat and spicy sauces.

Served: At 16 - 18° C.