Chardonnay Oak Alatas winery.
Chardonnay Oak Fermented Alatas winery .

Chardonnay Oak Fermented Alatas winery .

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Chardonnay Oak Fermented Alc. 13 % Falani Central Greece Alatas winery. 

This Chardonnay Oak Fermented Alatas Winery is a complex and balanced white wine with a full body and delicate flavor profile of oak and citrus fruits. Aged in oak barrels, this wine offers an intense and pleasant flavor profile with an assertive finish.

Taste features – Aging

Aromatic character of great complexity with varied aromas reminiscent of apricot, nectarine and pineapple, accompanied by a particularly rich, balanced, mouthfeel. It can be further aged for at least 3-5 years.

Ideal food combination

Fatty oily fish e.g. smoky grouper with grilled vegetables, salmon ceviche and lobster.