About Us


Greek Wine I/S is Denmark's largest importer of Greek wines.We import direct from selected wineries and vineyards with the result of top quality Greek wine at good prices.


CEO & founder of Greek Wine I/S  is  Alkiviadis Varvaresos with the goal of introducing quality Greek wine to Denmark. Alkiviadis Varvaresos, with his long-standing employment in Greece with food and wine, has an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of wine and wine production, which is also reflected in the relatively few and carefully selected wineries with which Greek Wine represents and continuously develops products.


Greek Wine I/S  wants to raise awareness of the new generation of quality Greek wines from wine lovers who demand new, exciting wine experiences. To show Greece as the original and great wine country, which is rapidly recovering to its roots and now again produces a wide pallette of quality wines that live up to the country's proud wine history.

All Greek wines are produced at small family owned wineries, where the new generations are often highly educated in wine production and where respect for craft, nature and typicity is paramount.

This know how combined with Greece's much needed economy results in a continuous, sustainable optimisation of resources and production methods.

Greek Wine I/S  chooses producers where wines are produced with a minimum of energy consumption and according to ecological principles: the grapes grow in fields close to the farms and are picked by hand. Spraying and fertilizers are not used, but natural soil improvement is carried out, inter alia with the use of manure and cutting. There's nothing useful leaving the field.

Greek Wine I/S  distinguishes itself from the crowd by presenting a wide range of modern, certified quality wines, made from well-known classic Greek grapes, but also lesser-known regional grape varieties, offering great experiences and high value for money with their complexity, depth and finesse.

                                                                                Alkiviadis - Susanne