Vingårdene: Tsililis Theopetra estate central Greece.

Tsililis family has created an icon vineyard in the region of Meteora with the aim of highlighting the particularities of the terroir and revive rare Greek grape varieties in the production of wines.

 Theopetra estate is the Tsililis family’s vineyard. The objective for the product label was to express the long lasting traditions, modern technology and human inspiration that preserve the local viniculture.

Inspired by the mystical landscape of Meteora, the rare soil composition and climate of the region that attribute the distinct character and high quality to the grapes, we have worked on the packaging. We considered each label to be a small piece of art that everyone interprets differently while at the same time seeing a symbol, unique impression of the vine.

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  • Theopetra Estate 24 Organic red dry 2015 Limniona Cabernet Sauv. Syrah Tsililis winery.
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